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Efficient and Reliable CNC Programming

High-Speed Machining Centers

Are You Looking for a Reliable CNC Machine Shop That Offers State-of-the-Art CNC Programming? 

High-speed machining—Technique or Cliché? High-speed machining is an underutilized technique that saves up to 43% in machining time. Through years of research, engineers have determined that extremely fast light cuts are 40% quicker than maximizing the amount of material that could be done in a single cut. Coleys utilizes the high-speed machining technique wherever the application allows. High-speed machining saves spindle time, tool life, and creates more capacity with better prices for our customers.

Our CNC programmers use the latest CAM software, up to 5-axis, to create 3D programs for complicated shapes & parts. Their over 50 years' experience as machinists provides the ultimate background and foundation in determining how and in what order to create the necessary features in your parts.

We are one of the first plants to incorporate high-speed machining techniques on hard and heat-treated parts. Additionally, our high-speed machining techniques apply to mild steel and softer materials. Machining times can improve up to 40% for each piece when our high-quality CNC programming comes into play.

The Benefits of High-Speed Machining

High-speed machining: 

  • Offers several cutting speeds that machinists can adapt to the material and part being manufactured
  • Prevents heat exchange between the chip and the part, which protects against structural changes. High-speed machining also helps a part retain its integrity, unlike slower traditional processes 
  • Allows an operator to machine heat-sensitive materials
  • Improves machining accuracy
  • Allows operators to machine thin parts since the cutting speed reduces the impact on the material 

Other CNC Programming Benefits

Coleys also offers: 

  • Offline programming for quick setup (offers easy and flexible programming, downtime reduction, and minimizes errors) 
  • Latest CAM software up to 5-axis machining center

CAM software:

  • Cross posts to multiple machine tools on the shop floor
  • Streamlines CNC programming workflow
  • Provides intelligent tool paths that reduce cycle times, and reduces costly mistakes
  • A 5th Axis CNC machine: excellent for creating complex shapes with better surface finishing.  
  • Technology that wirelessly sends programs to each machine

Coleys Inc.'s technological advances ensure a high-quality product every time. Learn more about our CNC technology by contacting us today. 

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