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CNC Fixtures & Secondary Operations Department

CNC Technology and CNC Fixtures

Our In-House CNC Fixtures and Secondary Operations Departments Offers Unique Benefits

A large production running successfully in manufacturing depends on various factors. One example is the interchangeability to facilitate streamlined assembly and unit cost reduction. Mass production techniques require a simplified and quick method of positioning workpieces for accurate operations. A vital tool that achieves this is a CNC fixture. 

A CNC fixture is a production tool that enables the precise manufacturing of interchangeable parts, allowing many components to be machined and assembled identically. CNC fixtures are the agents of positioning and work-holding tools, holding, supporting, and locating workpieces for specific machining operations on the CNC machine. 

Coleys Inc. has a dedicated Fixture & Secondary Operations department that provides many benefits, streamlining production and reducing lead times, to ensure you receive the highest quality products on schedule.

Fixture & Secondary Operations

Our Fixture & Secondary Operations Department offers many services that ensure a smooth, streamlined production process and rapid prototyping. These services include complete in-house fixture design and builds for all parts, as well as prototypes for projects that are entering production.

  • Southwestern TRAK LPM (Integrates the machine, control, fixturing, and tool offset measurements into one comprehensive system to significantly reduce changeover times)
  • Quick Program CNC for machining small quantity fixture components
  • Southwestern TRAK Lathe for fast programming and machining
  • Multiple-sized surface grinders (grinds down metal surfaces, ensuring that they are perfectly level and flat) 
  • Various-sized honing machines (quickly and accurately produces high-quality surface finishing even when there are microscopic size differences) 
  • Vibratory deburring machines (used to smooth surfaces by removing burrs and imperfections on many different types of media) 
  • Laser-etching machines (reliable, quick, create complex designs, and guarantee long lasting marks on materials) 
  • Presses for broach (precision metalworking is easier with a broach press because it allows machine operators to produce small parts in mass quantities) 
  • Tool grinder (creates much more precise and repeatable results than hand sharpening) 

Coleys Inc. Offers Comprehensive and Streamlined CNC Technology

All CNC machine shops may not have the capabilities or experience to handle many vertical processes to execute various projects. Coleys has nearly 60 CNCs in the Vermilion location, and all the support departments to manage the projects efficiently. Some of these departments and capabilities include:

  • In-house fixture building
  • Latest CAM software for programming, DNC wirelessly to each machine
  • Tool Crib with full-time buyer
  • Zoller Tool Setter to quickly manage and set tools, as well as wirelessly send data to each machine
  • Techniks Shrink-Fit Induction tooling install to ensure the highest concentricity accuracy. These machines, in different locations, save considerable time--while accurate concentricity increases tool life and reduces tool costs

Contact Coleys Inc. today to learn more about our fixtures and secondary operations department.

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