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CNC Quality Control and Assurance

CNC Quality Control

Have You Been Searching for a Dependable CNC Machine Shop with Remarkable Quality Control?

For over five decades, Coleys Inc. has provided many industries with unmatched manufacturing processes. Part of that superior quality comes from our quality control processes and equipment being second to none in the industry. Our CNC machining company is ISO 9001:2015 certified and equipped with Inspection Managers with over 70 years of experience. 

What is Quality Control?

The best CNC machine shops will have a pre-production and pre-shipment inspection that guarantees product quality. This quality inspection process ensures that finished products come to customers without defects or errors. At Coleys Inc., quality assurance is vital to ensure that the final product meets the standards and requirements of:

  • ISO certification
  • All customer standards
  • The specifications of the print

Additionally, proper quality control methods:

  • Avoids defective products
  • Minimizes risks
  • Ensure dimensional accuracy and quality 
  • Saves resources
  • Reduces costs
  • Improves efficiency 

What is Quality Inspection?

Quality inspection is a process inspection that checks for dimensional accuracy to ensure each part is within tolerance. A quality inspection in the CNC process and all processes at Coleys involve: 

  • Inspection upon shift change, tool change, and according to AQL industry standards and tables
  • Process Monitoring and Control
  • Continual inspection throughout each operation of the process performed by both operators and QC
  • Inspection upon events that could alter tolerances

Not only do inspection managers implement this process, but every machinist does as well. The best quality control practices ensure that each department has set standards to produce the best products for clients before they ship. Our inspection processes throughout each step of the operation ensure that parts are made to print and on schedule.

A male engineer performing a quality control inspection for a robotic arm

Advanced Technology For Our Customers

  • Programmable CMMs (CNC – for repeat parts)
  • Sheffield Cordax Discovery III D-28 (CNC) CMM (offers higher accuracy, improved thermal performance, and a new industrial design) 
  • Manual CMMs (ensures overall efficiency, equipment effectiveness, better productivity, and ensures compliance) 
  • Gauge Tracker Software (stay updated with calibration) 
  • Hundreds of thread gauges, blocks, micrometers, height gauges, as well as multiple comparators for checking appropriate dimensions
  • Revision update system with off-site backup
  • Rockwell Tester (for hardness checks)
  • Shaft Machine - precision measuring of shafts between centers
  • Mitutoyo Crysta-Plus M7106 (highest measuring accuracy in manual coordinate measuring machines) 
  • The DEA Swift A001 Coordinate Measuring Machining (ensures verification of product quality and dimensional accuracy with extreme precision)

Contact Coleys Inc. today to learn more about our advanced CNC technologies.

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