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Efficient Tool Crib Software and Management

Coleys Inc Tool Crib Software

Coleys Inc. Offers a Tool Tracking System That Reduces Downtime

The tool crib is a complete tooling department for storage, inventory, and setting and building tools for CNC machines.

Our full-time tool crib manager tracks inventory of different tools, loads (ShrinkPro) and sets tool packages (Zoller Smile 600) into carts to deliver to machines and sends tool setter offsets to our machines wirelessly. Our focus is to maximize spindle uptime, and by loading and setting tools, as well as wirelessly providing the machines with this data, we are utilizing offline time to prepare for our next jobs. By using offline time for tooling, fixtures, material handling, and programming, we can provide significantly more capacity and parts.

We use a cloud-based tool management system to maintain inventory and provide our tool buyer with data to place orders ahead for upcoming jobs. Managing tools effectively also allows us to buy tools efficiently. When tools come back, they can be discarded, repaired or sharpened, or replaced immediately after the jobs to ensure we have the proper tools ready & in stock for your next run of parts. It brings down overall tool costs that we can carry over to our customers.

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Coleys Comes Equipped with Full-Time Buyers and Setters

Coleys comes equipped with full-time tool buyers, tool loaders & setters, & a tool room for complete in-house fixture building.

The overall experience level of our tooling experts and our utilization of tool crib software makes CNC machine shop practices more efficient. Contact Coleys Inc today to learn more about our technological advances. 

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