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Hydraulics/Valves Solutions from Coleys

As a one-stop shop for all your actuator components needs, Coleys CNC Manufacturing is a highly experienced and unique hydraulics components supplier offering services to partners in the hydraulics industry.

We’re a custom manifold supplier offering efficient, cost-effective services measured to your exact specifications. Our capabilities lend us to a rare mix of equipment and experience to supply all the components that go into mobile hydraulics, custom actuators, DC power packs, and cylinder components.


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The Coleys Hydraulics Difference

We’ve come to recognize that our partners didn’t just need manifolds; they needed every part in the actuator, including:

  • Milled Parts
  • Turned Parts
  • Chromed Parts
  • Honed Parts
  • Fabricated Parts
  • Aluminum Parts
  • Bearing Bronze Parts
  • Stainless Steel Parts

We provide the experience, diversity, and performance to make it possible for customers to do it all with one company.  We can provide any component right up to a custom-designed and tested mobile actuator.  

A Trusted Hydraulics Partner

Today, hydraulic customers need diverse solutions.  A partner that helps them grow and ship more, versus competing with them for business.  A trusted partner that instantly makes you a better hydraulic solution. Here at Coleys, our team offers the trusted partnership you’re looking for.

From simple machined components like cylinder rods and mounting plates to custom cylinder bodies, and manifolds with 400 machined features, we provide every machined component for your assembly or can provide a complete custom assembled actuator for your application.  Whether it’s weight, size, or an extreme number of fittings and hoses that create extra hours in assembly, Coleys CNC Machining can provide an actuator that eliminates all these issues, extra components, and costs.   A completely enclosed hose-free actuator or any subcomponents for your design. 

Our goal is to be whatever you need us to be, from simple components to your very own “machining division” that operates to your timeframe specifications.  Coleys is a one-stop shop that supplies all your actuator components and is a partner that invests and grows with you. 

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