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CNC Rigid and Flexible Couplings


Looking for High-Quality CNC Machined Custom Couplings


We can make any coupling to print or supply standard hose couplings.

  • Precision-machined couplings provide higher PSI ratings and durability
  • 800 PSI
  • Custom couplings made to print
  • CNC machined from billet or tubing, carbon, and stainless-steel couplings
  • Hose couplings
  • Standard couplings made with precision, excellent cosmetic finishes, and the ability to handle higher PSI levels


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Flex Pipe-Systems

Replace your steel piping projects with a flex-pipe system that saves time on installation and works more efficiently. Skip distribution and work directly with the manufacturer of couplings and hose assemblies. Coleys also has proven partnerships along with ERP portal specialists on-staff working with dozens of fortune companies.

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Patented High-Quality Quick Groove Clip Coupling

  • Weighs 82% less
  • Long proven seals
  • High burst strength
  • Couples 85% faster
  • All high-strength stainless materials
  • Tested to over 1600 PSI
  • Long-proven sealing technology with connection in only a few seconds

Our quick groove clip coupling is available in the following selections:

  • 1” NPT x Quick Groove Clip Socket
  • 1 1/2” thru 3” Ball Valve Flange to Quick Groove Clip Socket
  • 2 1/2” NST Male by Quick Groove Clip Socket (bulkhead style, NST male end, and flange are polished)
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We Can Handle All Your Coupling Needs

Coleys provides hose and coupling assemblies for firetrucks, farm equipment, and beverage manufacturers (3A approved), and more. Our hose and coupling assemblies are:

  • Kink-proof
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Quick and easy assemblies
  • Have high-pressure capabilities
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Send us your hose coupling assembly needs

We will provide a quotation for assemblies that are cosmetically appealing, assemble faster, cost less, and that you will be proud to use in your business. Contact Coleys Inc. to learn more about the types of industrial couplings that we offer and how we can meet all your coupling needs. Click the arrow to go to our Request a Quote page.

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We Partner with Innovative, Growth-Minded Manufacturing Companies

Our quality, performance, and commitment to growth and innovation has fostered multiple successful partnerships with top CNC manufacturing companies across the country. We are proud to work with a wide variety of businesses throughout dozens of industries. Built on trust and common goals, we find that these partnerships are mutually rewarding and create lifelong bonds.
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About Coleys CNC Machining


For over 50 years, Coleys Inc. has provided high-demand, low-tolerance industries with superior quality machining. Our services range from simple drilling of production-ready parts to the complex fabrication of intricate designs.


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