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Aerospace Industry 


Coleys CNC Machining is a reliable partner of high-quality, precision parts for aerospace manufacturers in the aerospace industry.

With decades of experience, Coleys has the expertise and capabilities to deliver critical parts, made to print, on time. We deliver precise flight-worthy components with fast turnaround and at a reasonable price. With our commitment to quality, you can be sure of getting parts that meet your unique requirements.

Learn more about our aerospace services by getting in touch with us today.

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Aerospace Markets We Serve

Coleys aerospace CNC machining services are ideal across a wide array of markets.

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We stock a wide range of plastic and metal materials for various aerospace parts and component applications. These include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Aluminum
  • Titanium
  • Stainless steel
  • Brass
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Aerospace CNC Capabilities

Looking for a CNC machining partner in the Aerospace industry? Coleys has the capability to produce high-quality, precision aerospace components such as:

  • Pitot Tubes for Military and Private and Commercial Airplanes and Helicopters
  • Private Jet components
  • Landing Gear Components




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Aerospace CNC Machining Process

Coleys’ aerospace CNC machining solutions cater to varied applications, leveraging our expertise and capabilities to maintain parts quality and consistency. Machined parts that are used in the aerospace industry must be manufactured with maximal precision and comply with only the highest of standards – leaving no room for error. We offer a competitive edge by producing high-quality, precision components in a timely manner.

The Coleys Difference

Looking for a CNC machining partner in the Aerospace industry? With the use of our services, you’ll experience:

A Complete CNC Machine Shop

Everything you need for aerospace CNC machining is offered conveniently in one place. We machine the formed parts, machine friction-welded components, and have them welded at multiple, proven vendors, depending on certifications. After welding assemblies, we bring them back to Coleys for line boring. Each individual part is marked or stamped to be welded back to its original components, ensuring the highest quality and concentricity. No matter your unique needs, Coleys is dedicated to finding a solution for you.


Never Miss a Deadline

Coleys’ capabilities are second to none. We know your project can be time-sensitive, so we ensure that your parts ship on time. We work with you to solve any problems that may come up in the aerospace CNC machining process. Through trial and error, we will find a solution that meets your timeline and budget.


Committed to Your Growth

Our partners know we invest in modern, up-to-date equipment each year to streamline projects and add the capacity needed to handle customer growth. Coleys is focused on growing in tandem with your business to continuously meet your needs as they change. Regardless of how you plan to grow your business, trust that Coleys will be able to meet all of your aerospace manufacturing needs.


An Experienced Partner

Coleys was built on the belief that true partnerships are crucial to success. We have built lifelong relationships for over 50 years by producing high-quality machined CNC components. Trust that the Coleys’ experienced team will design custom solutions that meet your budget and deadline without budging on standards. Eliminate the risks and costs associated with replacing vendors by choosing an accomplished partner in Coleys.


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We Partner with Innovative, Growth-Minded Manufacturing Companies

Our quality, performance, and commitment to growth and innovation has fostered multiple successful partnerships with top CNC manufacturing companies across the country. We are proud to work with a wide variety of businesses throughout dozens of industries. Built on trust and common goals, we find that these partnerships are mutually rewarding and create lifelong bonds.

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About Coleys CNC Machining


For over 50 years, Coleys Inc. has provided high-demand, low-tolerance industries with superior quality machining. Our services range from simple drilling of production-ready parts to the complex fabrication of intricate designs.


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