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Welding Industry


As a one-stop shop for all your machining and manufacturing needs, Coleys CNC Machining is a highly experienced and unique CNC machining supplier offering proven partners in the welding industry to provide CNC machined weldments from a single source.


We are a proven source for welding of all levels and certifications from simple fence posts to aircraft welding. Our performance and commitment to investing in growth make Coleys the first choice for a partner.

We’ve partnered on projects involving:

  • TIG welding
  • MIG welding
  • Robotic welding
  • Friction welding
  • Aircraft welding
  • Production welding of OEM product lines
  • And more!



Looking for a CNC machining partner in the Welding industry? With the use of our services, you’ll experience:

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A one-stop-shop.

Everything you need for CNC machining is offered conveniently in one place.

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No material limitations.

Coleys has not been limited to this point; we’ve found solutions for any perceived limitations on materials.

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Guaranteed satisfaction

We work with you to solve any problems that may come up in the CNC machining process. Through trial and error, we will find a solution that works.

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Growth commitment

Customers know we invest in all types of equipment each year to streamline projects and add the capacity needed to handle customer growth including robots to supplement labor.

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Contact Us

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We invite you to request a quote using our Online Quote Request form or by contacting our sales department.

Look no further for your CNC machining partner. Contact the team at Coleys today.

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About Coleys CNC Machining


For over 50 years, Coleys Inc. has provided high-demand, low-tolerance industries with superior quality machining. Our services range from simple drilling of production-ready parts to the complex fabrication of intricate designs.


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