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Raw Materials Preparation

Coleys is a raw material preparation and procurement expert offering stocking programs for a wide variety of applications. With more than 50 years of industry experience, we’ve refined our processes and expanded our raw material partnerships and relationships, providing lower overall cost to the customer, more consistent on-time shipments, quicker expedites, streamlined processing, and minimal scrap.


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What is Raw Material Preparation?

Raw materials are materials that have not yet been processed, meaning that they are used in the primary production or manufacturing of goods. We manufacture certain products and process materials with various functions using raw material technologies. We make to print.

Why Is Raw Material Prep Important?

Raw material costs and experience buying and processing raw materials are critical components to purchasing precision machine parts. Our buyers know grades and material forms, and they have decades of experience and relationships, providing a clear path for managing raw material in the most cost-effective and timely manner possible. In most cases, raw material processes not done by service centers are provided in-house by Coleys. In any case, our partners offer the best overall cost with the best delivery. 

Why Coleys?

  • Material Certifications and Conformance Experts
  • Pricing checked across multiple proven sources (Mill & Service Center)
  • Raw material processed by Coleys is inspected and cross-checked by our Quality Department
  • We offer mill-direct pricing when the projects demand it
  • Comprehensive source list built over decades for all raw material and grades
  • Expert negotiators on your behalf
  • Material supplied by customers are safeguarded, protected, and preventative measures are taken to manage, store, and handle to ensure efficient use with minimal or no scrap
  • We track orders to ensure on-time delivery from vendors

Types of Raw Materials Services

We offer a variety of raw materials preparation services, including:

  • Bar Stock – Bar stock is produced with the intention of having material ready for specific manufacturing purposes. We offer mill-direct sources and a variety of service centers, including sources for exotic material for aerospace, military, and steel mills.
  • Tubing – Our team has access to mill direct and service centers for DOM, welded, 1026, alloy, and stainless tubing. All shapes.
  • Plate and Burn-outs – We offer excellent plate partners that burn to shape, and print, with consistency. We offer the choice of a large range of sizes, thicknesses, and plate types. We also maintain partners that saw cut plates when the application dictates.
  • Castings – Sand, permanent mold, investment castings, and many special proprietary processes for all types of materials (including aluminum, red metals, steel, alloys, stainless, ductile, cast iron, and exotics such as Inconel, Monel, titanium).
  • Forgings – We have access to multiple sources for all types and sizes of forgings.
  • Aluminum Extrusions – High-speed, high-volume machining is used for aluminum extrusions of all sizes and shapes. Quick change fixturing.
  • Weldments – We can handle sheet metal sizes and forms up to heavy fabrication. We also utilize special sources for burning and bending thicker plates as well as special certifications for welding special material from steel mill to aircraft requirements.


Looking for a Raw Materials Preparation partner? With the use of our services, you’ll experience:

  • Lower costs for materials and shipping costs for lower cost of projects overall
  • Production Efficiency with High-Speed Automation and Accurate Services
  • Higher Production Control and a Decrease in Production Error
  • Lower Operational Cost for Your Business
  • A Leverage to Grow Your Business and Ship More Product


We offer raw material preparation services to a variety of industries, including:

  • Transportation & Aerospace
  • Medical, Dentistry, and Patient Transport & Loading, Hydraulic Power Pack
  • Military & Defense
  • Construction & Infrastructure
  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • Energy & Oil
  • Rail & Mass Transit
  • Trucking and Trailer
  • Hydraulic & Pneumatic
  • Instrument & Metering
  • Mining & Agriculture
  • Electric and Driverless Vehicle

View our gallery to see some examples of raw materials preparation we’ve completed.

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